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Cardinals Cove Has a New Look...

The first phase of updating the layout and design of the site is complete. Things have moved around a bit, but everything is still here. If it doesn't look any different to you, you'll probably need to refresh the page.

The big thing on my list was fixing the homepage. It jumped around all the time and just looked BAD. It won't be doing that anymore. I also changed the stuff above the navigation at the top of the page. The menu you used to see up there (with your name on it) is now in the right sidebar.

The link to Create content isn't there now. Instead, it's in the navigation bar at the top. It's on the end, called "Post New".

All of those little bars with the little red arrows on them, like these on the right, will expand or collapse when you click them. They "try" to remember how you like them, so you can open or close them as you like. As you go around the site -- even if you leave and come back -- they'll (mostly) stay how you left them.

For "contributors", the featured articles have been replaced by Top Stories. Next time you write an article to publish here, you'll see something new in the way images are handled. And, no more "teaser" breaks.

Instead, you'll have to use a "teaser" line of text that will be used in an overlay with your image and that's what gets pulled into the rotating section of the home page.

Cardinals Cove is still new -- still stretching its legs. Things are likely to change again... and again... But, the meat and potatoes is always going to be YOU, the fans, and all of the sharing that goes on here.


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